Personal data are mainly processed using automated tools and exclusively for the purposes indicated and the time strictly necessary for achieving the purposes for which they were collected.

Specific safety measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illegal or incorrect use of them and unauthorized access to them. The necessary nature of supplying data is specified each time they are requested – with reference to the single pieces of information requested – at the time of each individual data collection, while the information is identified by a special character (*).

Refusal to supply the data identified as being necessary makes fulfilling the main purposes of specific collection impossible.

Contact information from the order form is used as follows:

  • To bill your orders and book the shipment.
  • Include you in our gift program via newsletter (submitted to your acceptance).

Avoiding Fraud:

“Phishing” or “Spoofing” refers to emails that appear to be from a legitimate company (often including the logo of that company) and request personal information such as credit card and bank account numbers or passwords. In reality, these emails are from an unauthorized and phony source. So there will never be any confusion:

  • DOES NOT email you to verify your credit card number. You should NOT provide your credit card or password.
  • You should only submit credit card information to us when making the payment at PayPal’s website.