Thaikila and Sustainibility

From recycling the plastic bottles and office papers to the use of woven bags throughout our retail outlets, we know that being an environmentally aware company helps our communities healthier.

Thaikila has been an advocate towards ethical fashion far before sustainability was even a buzzword. We are committed to protecting the environment so future generations can appreciate the beauty of the mother earth as we do today.

  • Discarded plastic bottles are recycled and transformed into fabric for our swimwear. A fabric so soft and with the right amount of stretch that it envelopes your body like a caress. Designed like second skin with quick drying elements so it does not retain sand or water, Thaikila swimwear is made to last.
  • Towards zero waste, every purchase of our swim is packaged in reusable pouches handmade at our factory in Bali.
  • Our hang-tags are made of recycled paper from our office paper scraps.

Our passion for innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. At Thaikila, we stay ahead of the curve and are always on the lookout for new eco solutions. Most recently, we have developed a vegan leather created from a secret aquatic plant, and we squeeze beetroots and curcuma to dye our bikinis - more will be revealed soon!

With that, it is our mission to lead and inspire others towards a sustainable path.

Follow us on our journey to help make fashion sustainable!

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