International Recycling Day

This is an important day for us at Thaikila as we are all about recycling and we are fully dedicated to the sustainability movement.


green and pink bikini that made by recycled materials on the floor

Recycled Plastic

The fabric for our swimwear is designed by us and made exclusively for us using recycled plastic bottles. The result is a fabric so soft with just the right amount of stretch to hug every body shape. It’s designed with quick-drying and sand-proof elements. We are proof that sustainability can go hand in hand with high quality.


Kenza brown pouch and pink Maki Sweet Pea cover-up

Reusable Pouches

Working towards a plastic-free future, every swimwear purchase whether online or in-store is packaged in cute little reusable pouches, hand-made at our in-house factory in Bali.


brown hang tag made from recycled materials

Recycled Paper Elements

The hang tags that come with each of our swimwear and clothing products and made in-house from recycled paper around the office.

Our passion for innovation goes hand in hand with our dedication to sustainability. Our mission here at Thaikila is to lead and inspire others towards a sustainable future, so we are constantly staying ahead of the game, looking for new eco solutions.

Follow us on our journey to help make fashion sustainable!