THAIKILA X ROMY: Getting to know Romy Monteiro

It all started on a trip to Thailand in 2019, when something wonderful happened to Romy.
She fell in love. In an unexpected, passionate, feel-good kind of love.
And that love, came in the form of a luxurious one-piece.

Hear it for yourself from the one and only–
Let us introduce you to our inspiration behind the Romy One-Piece...

Thaikila x Romy Monteiro celebrity collaboration: Romy wears the sustainable, limited edition Romy One-Piece in Obsidienne.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Romy Monteiro. I’m a Dutchie with Brazilian and Portuguese roots. I am a singer and also a TV host in the Netherlands! I was raised by a single, strong mommy with no sisters or brothers so we’ve got a very close relationship. We call ourselves Gilmore Girls sometimes ;-) 

I met the love of my life two years ago in New York and we’ve been inseparable ever since. He's a photographer and of course made the beautiful pictures for Thaikila x Romy!

What are your passions and hobbies?

My biggest passion of course is to sing, make music and entertain people. Performing live is the most magical and addictive hobby for sure. When I am not working, I love to have quality time with my love, friends and family. I love to develop myself and learn new things. For instance, I recently discovered I love to act and got a role in a new big movie here in Holland! Never stop learning and trying new things!

Do you have any quirks or phobias?

I am really scared of sharks but also fascinated by them. When I visit a country, I immediately google what kind of sharks swim in their waters and then of course, when swimming, I get really scared and only swim in shallow waters.

I really like speed though, a thing that most people wouldn’t associate with me. So I like jumping out of a plane and even have a degree in racing on circuits!

How do you stay fit?

Well, I love food! Eating it, thinking about it, preparing it. I especially have a weak spot for everything sugary! It is important to be fit and have good stamina on stage so I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle which involves feeding my body good fuel (veggies, fruits, good fats like nuts and fish) instead of filling it with things my body doesn’t really need like bad carbs and trans fats. That being said, sometimes the soul needs to be fed as well so I do still eat pizza or candy during weekends ;-)

I try to get my work out through dancing and walks with my mom’s dog!

What do you love most about the Romy One-Piece?

What’s not to love about this One-Piece? The first time I laid my eyes on it was in Thailand, almost a year ago. We had borrowed a few great Thaikila things for a photoshoot, but the suit immediately was my fave item; the fabric was incredible, so light and soft but yet when wearing, so firm! The ultimate selling point for me was the wired neckline that really flatters but also supports your breasts in the best possible way. It makes the cleavage visible and sexy but it’s very elegant at the same time. I didn’t even know back then, all the amazing things Thaikila stands for like ecological sustainability and innovation.

We made beautiful pictures with all the amazing products from Thaikila but the bathing suit really stayed with me, I couldn’t get it out of my head! Back in Holland, I wanted to order it and asked if there were more colors available only to discover that the suit was sold out! 

Fortunately, Thaikila loved the photos as well. They contacted me and we matched immediately! I was over the moon when they suggested this collab with not only bringing back my fave suit but also releasing it in three amazing colors that fit me perfectly; earthy, timeless and elegant– these colors suit every skin tone and every activity!

Last but certainly not least; I love that the suit is a sustainable and environmentally responsible purchase!

Anything you’d like to say to girls everywhere?

I thought hard about what to say to girls everywhere, about this suit, about life. There is so much happening in the world. So many horrible events are happening now and the future is still unsure. The only things I really want to share are a few key points I try to maintain in this crazy time:

Girls, stay healthy but also be happy! Count your blessings everyday. Help others, when you have the opportunity. Empower each other. Make healthier and more responsible choices. That includes little things, like purchasing products that are sustainable. That may also include giving random compliments to people you don’t know, off and online. Be kind to others and also to yourself. Enjoy and celebrate your life every day in every way you can. Spoil yourself! Life is short. And buy a new bathing suit if you want to! ;-)


Have you heard Romy’s amazingly soulful voice yet? Have a listen to her new hit single, and keep your eyes on this beauty through her Instagram page @romymonteiro.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our Thaikila x Romy limited edition one-pieces here ❤︎

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