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Papagayo Aurore

Papagayo Aurore embodies the joy of exploration. 

Inspired by the abundant spice islands where flowers parade forbidden patterns, intoxicating the air with vanilla and cardamom and the span of each bird’s breast is a vibrant stroke that paints the sky. As though captured within a dream, it celebrates a time where cultures collided to fuse the elegance of lace and tassel with a radiant blush of natures verve.


Our commitment

Thaikila & Sustainability

We endeavour to support an ecological balance without compromising our aesthetic. In pursuit of sustainability we have pioneered a fabric for our bikini’s made with recycled plastic that is so soft it caresses the body as a second skin, yet is strong enough to endure a lifetime of sun, salt and sea.

Our passion for innovation drives every decision we make, meaning that we’ll forever be pushing the boundaries of what a swimwear label should be, or can become. It is our hope that future generations can enjoy an earth even more beautiful than the one we have today.

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