“Sent from the sea, born on the shores of Bali”

At Thaikila, we embrace beauty, innovation, and sustainability at our core.  

With the ‘Tralala’ for the maximalists and the ‘Essentials’ for the inner minimalists,
we craft flattering cuts for every profileand swimwear for every shape and every size.

Celebrating and taking inspiration from nature, culture, and art – 
Each collection is conceptualised and created at our Bali-based studio and production house.

All our garments are carefully designed and thoughtfully made with you in mind.

the company

Born in Paris in 1989 by Marie Laure Becquelin, Thaikila found its way onto the island of Bali in 2002 and remains as one of the connoisseurs of swim.

Operated by a group of international companies based in Bali, Indonesia, Thaikila is licensed to Thaikila LLC. The French-designed brand is recognized worldwide, retailing in more than 105 countries and franchising its concept in 20 owned-stores operating under the brand name THAIKILA.

Vertically integrated in production, everything is made in-house. Our self-owned factory stretches over 50,000 square feet, allowing flexibility and ensuring high quality manufacturing.

the factory

Thaikila is designed and manufactured entirely in Bali. Local hand craftsmanship and technological innovation are combined to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Thaikila swimwear is produced under one roof in our self-owned factory allowing stringent quality control.

The Thaikila headquarters is divided into several production units:

A Creative Loft for our crafty sampling and design team.

The Factory Floor for producing our bikinis and accessories such as sandals, cover ups, pouches and jewelry.

The Workshop creating displays & visual merchandising decorations for shops, franchises and event props.

Marketing Agency & Studio managing our seasonal campaigns, photoshoots, marketing initiatives and artworks. Including a 3D architect for franchise interiors.


Where leading fashion technology meets masterful hand craftsmanship.

From quick-drying elements to sand, chlorine, oil, and corruptive-agent resistant propertiesour high quality bikinis are made to last.

Starting from our fabrics, right down to our elastics – Every detail is designed and developed with the utmost caremanufactured in-house using the latest equipment and techniquesmay that be laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, hand-dyeing, or hand-crafting.

From plastic-sourced microfiber materialsto ergonomic functions such as our ‘Invisible Lift’ program, our purpose of sustainability without compromising aesthetic beauty has pushed us to stay ahead of the curve in innovation and creation– and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We love nature and the world we live in. 

Devoted to doing our part towards a plastic-free future, we embrace ecological sustainability and stewardship as a prime responsibility.

Discarded plastic bottles are recycled and transformed into the luscious fabrics that we use to create our beautiful swimwear, such as our ultra soft and stretchy vegan faux suede.

Each purchase comes with a reusable pouch, hand-made in our factory, instead of single-use plastic packaging.

Even our hang tags are crafted from disposed paper documentsrecycled straight from our office.

It is our mission to lead, inspire, and pave the way towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

every shape, every size

Beyond the bikini, we represent women. At Thaikila, we seek to empower women through celebrating diversity and overcoming the pressures of body image. Loving yourself and your body is the greatest revolution. Size is no more than a number but with our designs we strive to make every Thaikilie feel comfortable in their own skin.

Designed for every shape, size and bust, our collections are diverse with Brazilian-inspired cuts to modest one pieces. We offer a range of coverage and sizes to fit any profile that walks into our store. Most of our petite customers seek swimwear designed with sewn-in cups and removable padding to help boost the volume of their busts. Whereas, customers with larger sizes are usually after more support. Our ‘Invisible Lift Program’ caters for that and gives tops a better hold with stronger wider elastic.

For the little ones, we design swimwear all the way from toddlers to teens. Thaikila swimwear is made for every figure and every size.