Sacré Coeur: A Season of Gold

The warm sun sets over a vast horizon.
Majestic colors paint the dimming sky and
hues of brilliance reflect off the ocean’s glistening currents.
Light and dark collide as nature’s powerful forces
echo the clash between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.
Recalling the magnificence of sacralized places of worship,
this collection takes inspiration from their mystery, mysticism, and decadence.
Gilded textures are grounded by organic elements as
Sacré Coeur embodies opulence and ethereal sanctitude.

French for “Sacred Heart”, Sacré Coeur epitomizes luxury; flaunting lavish styles decorated with real gold that shimmer under the sun.

Marie, founder and head designer at Thaikila, says:

“The Sacré Coeur collection was inspired by a majestic sunset and the powerful forces of nature, which I felt was like nature’s echo of the religious portrayal of good and evil; light and dark. It took me back to the magnificence of sacralized places of worship like churches and mosques in Italy, France, and Turkey... I’ve always been fascinated and touched by the magnificent golds, the religious sacraments, the mysteries, and the mysticism... Sometimes I would even go inside a church just to listen to the organ playing; it always moved me in such a profound way.”

Welcoming a “Season of Gold”, you will find ornate designs and gilded textures across the collection, influenced by religious art and architecture. Also present are organic shapes and motifs taken from nature – balancing the sense of majestic divinity with grounded, earthy elements.

Models Snejana Jens and Alice Deren in Thaikila's Sacré Coeur collection Barocco bikini, Immaculate dress and Innocence pareo

Sacré Coeur plays on the radiance of gold by blending the lustrous hue with both light and dark tones.

The Barocco bikini set, the Innocence pareo, and the Immaculate beach dress complement cream, beige, and light taupe with hand-painted and woven gold touches. Meanwhile, the Scintilla bikini, Aaricia dress, and Khalessi sandals contrast the metallic shade with medium taupe, deep brown, and dark mauve crochet and embroidery.

Shine above the rest this new year:
Discover the brand new Sacré Coeur collection ♥️

Girls on beach in Barocco and Scintilla gold bikini sets from Sacre Coeur collection – Thaikila Sustainable Luxury SwimwearGirl on beach with arms up in Scintilla gold bikini set from Sacre Coeur collection – Thaikila Sustainable Luxury Swimwear

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