#ThaikilaCares: Free Masks for Bali! [COVID-19]

As the world hides away from the Coronavirus, from the streets, and from each other in the confinements of their own homes, Bali’s locals suffer due to the sudden lack of tourism with the industry accounting for up to 80% of the island’s economy, and many people now struggling to afford basic needs.

Over the weekend, three suicide cases were reported. That is THREE TOO MANY. Whilst the necessities for safety precautions endure, buckling to the international pressures of closure could have calamitous consequences for many who rely on day-to-day income as their sustenance.

We are grateful to President Jokowi, who has not enforced a country-wide lockdown; allowing residents to continue to work in order to support themselves and their families.

In an announcement on 5th April, the Government urged all people to wear cloth masks in public, reserving surgical and N95 masks for health workers only and so that any potential spread of the virus may be contained.

Here at Thaikila, we are determined to help as much as we can- so we kept our production sites open and manufactured 1800 masks over the space of 2 days.

In the face of mask shortages everywhere, we will be donating our masks for FREE so that we can better protect ourselves, and each other.

Stay safe, and stay tuned for what we have planned next!

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