WAYS TO WEAR: Light One Piece

One of a kind: One piece. One hundred possibilities.

It’s versatile. It’s reversible. It’s multifunctional.
And really, the bottom line is that it is a true essential to your wardrobe.
Of course– we are talking about the one and only Light One Piece.
How do you style it, you ask?
With a plethora of different ways to wear this innovative apparel, we thought we’d give you some ideas to get started.
From hotpants, to bikini bottoms, to a miniskirt, to a one shoulder top or bandeau– the possibilities are endless!
Roll it. 
Tie it. 
Twist it. 
Accessorize it.
Just play around with it!
By the way, this ultra thin, ultra soft, and ultra stretchy style is available in a range of different colour options for you to choose from (all reversible, some are even dual toned and decorated with different patterns!).
So go on… channel the inner fashionista inside of you with this magical one piece, and get creative–
We’d love to see what you come up with so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @thaikila.
Happy styling!

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