Dress To Impress


    Get our Mojave Dress for FREE upon purchasing any two matching bikini tops!

    Pair our skin-tight layer with other vegan suede styles, sparkly knit, or gilded swim with elements of hand-knotted macramé and shiny embellishments.

    Add Mojave to your basket to claim this limited offer!


    Hurry, this code is redeemable by our first 10 customers only!

    How to Use the Code:

    1. Add two of the following bikinis to your cart: Kalahari Top, Rose des Sables Top, Ephemeral Top.
    2. Also, add the Mojave Dress to your cart.
    3. Proceed to the checkout page.
    4. Enter the code during checkout.
    5. The checkout system will automatically mark the Mojave Dress as a 'free' item.