Terms of Use - WELCOME15 Promo Code


  1. Available on Online Sales Channel: The discount code is valid for use on our online sales platform. 
  2. 15% Off of Items on This Page: Enjoy a 15% discount on items featured on the specified page
  3. No Minimum Purchase Requirement: There is no minimum purchase amount necessary to use this discount code. 
  4. For Items at Normal/Full Price: The discount is applicable to items at their regular, full price and cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or discounts. 
  5. One Use Per Customer: Each customer can use this discount code for a single transaction. 
  6. Cannot be Combined with Other Discounts: This discount cannot be combined with other discounts, offers, or promotions. 
  7. Free Shipping Applies as Per Our Shipping Policy: Free shipping is available in accordance with our standard shipping policy.
  8. Terms and conditions apply.